I learnt the nuts and bolts of documentary filmmaking, especially after witnessing the convincing power of moving images during my outreach and education programs. It was under the tutelage acclaimed wildlife and conservation filmmaker Shekar Dattatri. What excites me the most in filmmaking, is the way various aspects of it come together to present a story on the screen, and the way the grammar and sensibilities of filmmaking can be applied to teaching children. There is no better to way learn this craft than by working on a series of projects from concept to completion. Here are a few documentary projects of which I was a part, and promo videos that I filmed and edited for different organisations.

Year: 2018. Role: Editor and Cameraman.
Year: 2017. Role: Cameraman and editor
Year: 2016. Role: Assistant producer, editor and footage contributor
Year: 2016. Role: Assistant producer and Editor
Year: 2015. Role: Assistant producer and Editor
Year: 2015. Role: Assistant producer, editor and contributing Photographer
Year: 2013. Role: Production assistant
Year: 2013. Role: Main contributing photographer
Year: 2008. Role: Production assistant