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In 2008, I decided not to be only a nature photographer traveling to pristine locations to document nature. I wanted to make an impact in the society using my skills. I expressed this urge to my mentor Shekar Dattatri and we decided to start an initiative called Youth For Conservation. During the same the time, he had completed a first-of-its-kind documentary called ‘The Truth About Tigers’. It showed the behaviour of tigers, the problems they face and ways to protect them along with the forests they live in. I decided to take this documentary to reach out as many schools as possible in Tamil Nadu. This program was my gateway to environmental education.

outreach photo.jpg

Equipped with an audiovisual kit and a vehicle, my team and I traveled to various schools across Tamil Nadu. The education programs were tailored around ‘The Truth About Tigers’ documentary. We highlighted the importance of apex predators in an ecosystem and the phenomenon of trophic cascades. This initiative helped me communicate about conservation effectively to students.

Truth About Tigers Marathon stats.jpg
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