K. Ramnath Chandrasekhar

Conservation Educator by passion. Documentary filmmaker by training. Photographer by meditation.


My name is Ramnath. I have been enthralled by nature since childhood. Since then, I have traveled across India to capture inspirational stories that facilitate people’s understanding of India’s rich natural and cultural heritage. At the same time, I have led nature and conservation outreach programs to reach out to thousands of students through Youth For Conservation (YFC), a non-profit initiative founded by Shekar Dattatri, an internationally acclaimed wildlife, and conservation filmmaker.

From these and other rich experiences, I have been able to communicate the need for conservation very effectively. Today, I work in a space where visual storytelling, education, and leadership converge. I pursue projects that inspire and empower India’s youth to become ambassadors for nature and environment and conduct storytelling workshops through bookmaking, photo storytelling, and filmmaking. 


I envision a world with a nature educator in every community, and with this belief, my partner Rachita and I co-founded the Youth Conservation Action Network (YOUCAN). Through YOUCAN, we work with individuals and organizations to identify, support, and empower youth to become environmental educators for their community. 

My curriculum vitae contains the list of projects I have worked in photography, filmmaking, and conservation education, along with a few awards and recognitions I received for my work.