Teaching is at the center of all my projects.  One of the best ways to make concepts and skills your second nature is by teaching them to people, especially children. Because you have to internalize them, simplify them, rehearse a few times and communicate in a way students can understand and practice. These are the reasons why I tailor workshops, especially for students in school and colleges. Here is an overview of my workshops in storytelling and photography.

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We are all intrinsic storytellers, but we lose this skill as we grow up. If students are facilitated to unearth their inborn potential in storytelling, they become articulate communicators in any chosen careers in the future. There are innumerable mediums that aid to articulate a story in an effective way possible. The focus of my three-day workshop to teach storytelling is:

Exploring the power of storytelling.
Learning the basics of photography through imagination and logic.
Building photo stories using toys.
Outdoor sessions to explore stories on location.


Engage in photography both from a technical angle and from a storytelling angle.
Pre-visualize a story to communicate your thoughts through photographs.
Compose a photograph.
Develop photography as a craft.
Express your thoughts using photography.
Stretch and explore through photography.
Reflect upon ones photographs.

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This two-day photography workshop will introduce you to a new world of communication using photography. Over the years my quest to explore the natural world has taken me across India to document nature, people and culture. In due course I put together a photography workshop module that aims to teach how to master the fundamentals of photography and use camera not as a mere gadget but as a medium to communicate what you see.
What will the workshop cover?

Learn various techniques in photography like exposure, metering and depth of field.
Pre-visualizing a story to communicate your thoughts through photographs.
A masterclass on composition
Maximizing the potential of digital photography.
Nuts and bolts of camera equipment
Feedback and critique sessions.
Outdoor sessions

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