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One of the best ways to teach children about nature and wildlife is by taking them to experience forests. This is more important in today’s scenario as we are gradually losing connect with the natural world. The time children spend in a forest not only teaches them about nature, but it facilitates them to reflect on the society we live in. These were the focus of the young naturalists camp that I conducted through YFC along with members of the ‘The science and Adventure Club’, Tiruchirapalli.

YNC camp group photo.jpg

The participants of the camp were selected from the outreach programs I had conducted in Tiruchirapalli. 23-enthusiastic students were taken to Periyar Tiger Reserve in Kerala for a 3-day nature camp. They went for birdwatching sessions in the morning. During late evenings, they explored the nocturnal world, especially that of amphibians. Children also learnt to create ‘mini ecosystems’ in their backyards that later became little sanctuaries amidst an urban landscape.

Young Naturalists Camp stats.jpg
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