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If we have to reverse the damage caused to our environment, we need to instil one particular mindset in us. We must understand that we are all interconnected within an ecosystem and that we are not on top of it. A classic example of this, is the relationship that people of Peninsular India share with the Western Ghats. These mountains play a crucial role in bringing the life-giving monsoon. The Shola forests within the Western Ghats are also birthplaces of mighty rivers like Godavari, Krishna and Cauvery, which support livelihoods of millions of people in peninsular India.

Ideally such a crucial interconnect should have been know to most of us. But, to my dismay, not many knew about it, including people living in the foothills of the Western Ghats. So, we conducted the ‘Save Our Sholas’ outreach marathon in Rajapalayam, a beautiful town below the foothills of this mountain range.

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This program was conducted using the documentary ‘Save Our Sholas’ that was written and produced by Shekar Dattatri. Through this education program, students got to know about the unique biodiversity of the Western Ghats. They learnt about Shola and grassland ecosystem and the service that they perform to people. Children also participated in a ‘Web of life’ game that deepened their understanding.

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